K E N N E D Y ' S


​New American Folk Theatre presents

Kennedy's Children

by Robert Patrick



A special staged reading to commemorate President John F. Kennedy and all his Camelot could have been.


Directed by Jamal Howard


November 22nd and 24th
at Chief O'niell's Pub (3471 N. Elston Ave, Chicago, IL)

Tickets: $15

Kennedy’s Children explores the inner thoughts and turmoil of five bar patrons on a stormy Valentine’s Day in New York, 1973. Wielding an array of American cultures, the characters spill out their troubled pasts and presents with a series of monologues that slowly reveal some less than fortunate futures. The play is populated by Wanda, the Kennedy purist, Carla, the next Marilyn Monroe, Sparger, the off off off off Broadway actor, Rona, the hippie who has run out of things to protest, and Mark, the addled Vietnam vet. Their stories combine to tell that of a generation lost in Camelot— circling an unreachable dream of days gone by.


Emily Bates as Rona
Colin Fewell as Mark 
Caitlin Rose as Carla 
Charlesanne Rabensburg as Wanda 
Anthony Whitaker as Sparger

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