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Education and experience in performing arts is essential to a young person's growth. Theatre, music, and dance are all more than great skills to learn and master; they serve as crash courses in creative problem solving, communication, and team work.

We're always searching for new opportunities to work with the Chicago community and help students engage in the performing arts. If you have a partnership opportunity (or know of someone who does) please contact us! For more information on partnership opportunities and program details email Jamal Howard at newamericanfolktheatre@gmail.com


What We Offer:

Whether a student is looking to further their education or get their feet wet in a new activity, New American Folk Theatre provides a wide variety of performance-based programs. We will work with you to create the performing arts program that best suits your students and community. 


Choose from these ​Subjects


-Acting   -Dance   -Music (Vocal)

-Theatre   -Playwrighting   -Improv  -Musical Theatre

-Full Productions   -Storytelling



Types of Programming

Full Productions

Whether your a school, arts center, library or civic organization, New American Folk Theatre can help you put on a fully produced musical or show! No matter what your level or experience in producing a show, we will work with you to create the best production for your community to enjoy. Ranging from popular Broadway musicals to cast-written original productions, we have a plethora of options for you.

(program length: about  6 - 12 weeks)


Camps are a great opportunity to immerse students in an artistic experience and hone their skills in various performing areas. From a short 1-week camp on the basics of acting and performance to a fully staged production of a musical, we can create your ideal camp experience. If you are looking for an active and fun, character-building summer camp programming, New American Folk Theatre can provide.

(program length: about 1-8 weeks)



We offer in school and after school classes in a myriad of performance and creative forms. We will work with you and your teaching staff to offer the best opportunities for students to learn about and get involved in the arts. Examples of classes include Acting 1o1, Glee Club, Basics of Jazz Dance, etc.

(program length: about 4 - 16 weeks)


Workshops are 1 or 2 time meetings where students can get their feet wet in the performing arts. During or after school, workshops are a great way to incorporate the arts with existing lesson plans and further the educational experience for your students.

(program length: 1 time - 3 weeks)

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